Anique株式会社 について

Founded in 2019, we are a company that takes on the challenge of creating novel and unique anime/manga projects centered around ideas that have yet to be fully explored. We have worked with over 20 major Japanese content holders including Kodansha, Shueisha, KADOKAWA, Toei Animation, MAPPA, Production IG, and NBCUniversal Entertainment Japan. We – 

【NFT Project】Attack on Titan: Legacy

Well-known Japanese anime “Attack on Titan” has been turned into NFT digital collectibles. In the future, we plan to release various other NFT digital collectible projects for beloved Japanese anime series, and in time we also plan on expanding these projects globally. Attack on Titan: Legacy website:

【Online Anime Exhibition】

A service that holds exhibition events–which have become difficult to hold after 2020–online. Our online exhibitions are filled with fans' comments. Fans can access the exhibition from anywhere in the world. Example of Past Exhibition: