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We’re hosting high school students from Highland Park and Topeka High today as they participate in @jaofkansas Skills to Achieve On-site Program. Throughout the day, the students will learn from BCBSKS leaders about personal branding, strengthening their soft skills and conflict management. #bcbsks #bcbskslife #topcity
Happy Hall🎃ween! Dancing to “Thriller” is actually a pretty fun way to get your heartbeat up! 🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️ Employees had fun learning the moves last week in our fitness center. #bcbskslife #causethisisthriller #happyhalloween
For two weeks in October, employees learned the lasting impact they can make in their communities through donations to the United Way. Each meeting also provided the opportunity for employees to complete a service project. 💙
Employees in Topeka, Salina and Wichita put together sack lunches, hygiene kits, school supply kits and senior citizen kits that will be distributed
through various organizations across the state. #bcbsksgives #bcbskslife #bcbsks #liveunited
If you catch BCBSKS customer service product line system specialist Summer Bedgood at the racetrack, there's a good chance she's doing less watching and more writing. 🏁 🏎 For the last several years, she's been writing and editing content for motorsports websites.
"I started writing for motorsports websites when I was 16 years old. However, I have always enjoyed writing and have written short stories, poetry, etc., since I was a little girl. The motorsports writing came about when I joined social media and saw that a couple of websites that I was already familiar with were looking for writers. I interviewed, got the position as a columnist, and have been at it ever since! I really enjoy statistics and analysis, and being able to find nuggets of interesting information and presenting it in a way that is interesting and informative," she said. #bcbskslife #bcbsks
Can a plant-based burger really taste as good as a beef burger?! We asked employees to try both and let us know! 🍔 Click the link in our bio to see the full video! #bcbskslife #bcbsks #plantbasedburger #vegetarianawarenessmonth
Ahoy, mateys and happy Customer Service Week to our team!  This week was our chance to say thank you and celebrate our customer service team for the wonderful care they provide our members. Thank you for everything you do! 💙#bcbskslife #bcbsks #customerserviceweek
When it comes to her family tree, you might say that BCBSKS group consultant Jennifer McCall's has a few nuts - lug nuts that is. 🔩 What started as a seemingly simple plan for her brother to restore a 1938 Hudson soon turned into a passion her whole family enjoys.
"The plan was that he and my dad would restore the car together, but they soon realized how much of an undertaking that would be. So my brother saved up his money and bought a running 1954 Hudson Hornet Hollywood to drive to high school, which he still drives.
"When it came my turn to get my first car, I wound up with a 1960 Studebaker Lark - which I still have. My husband picked me up for our first date in a 1966 Mustang, followed by his high school car - a ’78 Firebird - which he still has. I knew he was a keeper. He has joined the ranks of Hudson ownership and restored a 1947 Hudson Commodore Eight. He is now working on a 1946  Commodore Six Coupe. Once you get started on car
collecting it is hard to stop!
"My dad was a founding member of the MoKan Family Chapter of the National Hudson Essex Terraplane Club in 1994. The club is devoted to preserving the Hudson automotive history and providing resources to car owners. We meet monthly at car shows and events to display our cars and get together. Each meet is like a family reunion, and we enjoy welcoming new members into the club/family," she said. #bcbskslife #hudsoncars
We had so much fun seeing all of you at the @kansasstatefair! Thanks for stopping by to say hello! 👋 We'll see you next year! #bcbskslife #findyourfun