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We hope you have a picture perfect Valentine's Day! 💝#bcbskslife #bcbsks
Congratulations to the 51 employees who graduated from Blue University courses this winter! 📚 Blue University is part of our Workforce and Leadership Development program and offers courses to employees who are interested in developing their leadership skills. #bcbskslife #bcbsks
Happy 157th Birthday to Kansas! 🌻🎂 We asked employees to share what they love about living and working in the Sunflower State. Swipe to read! #KansasDay #bcbsks #bcbskslife #Kansas
When employee Melia Stockham isn't helping her fellow BCBSKS employees develop new knowledge and skills in our workforce and leadership development program, you might be able to find her performing on stage. 🎭🎤🤘 For as long as she can remember, she's been involved in the performing arts and joined band @coversmithlfk in 2015.
"Performing for me is all about the work. I love to rehearse. I love to dig in and make something awesome with other people who love what I love. At the risk of sounding corny, performing is a way of connecting with people. For a few hours we're all together, the performers and the audience, celebrating the results of our hard work and sharing positive energy with everyone around us. Not a bad way to spend your spare time, right?" #bcbsks
Today marks the first of six on-site blood drives employees can participate in this year. BCBSKS senior system administrator Tommy Olsen isn't a new donor, but recently began donating again after a hiatus. His reason for giving is personal.
"My father had open heart surgery in the ‘70s and I remember they used a lot of blood for that, so I always keep that in the back of my mind and decided to start donating at on-site events. I also have the blood type that is considered the most universal type, so I have been asked in the past to make extra donations. It's very easy to do and for approximately an hour of your time, you can potentially save someone's life. I always feel rejuvenated after giving," he said. #bcbskslife #bcbsks
#nationalblooddonormonth #bcbsksgives #savealife
We just love a good team building project! ⛄️ Employees in our mail room constructed this frosty friend during a recent team building activity. It's made from the edges of paper that are removed during the mailing process. #bcbskslife #bcbsks
We challenged our employees to each walk 1 million steps during 2017. We're thrilled to report that more than 400 reached that goal (🎉), including BCBSKS quality assurance analyst Kylie Adams. After a few months of participating, she noticed a change in her lifestyle.
"I started getting better sleep, my clothes were fitting better and I was just generally in a better mood all day. I wasn't as tired after lunch at work or in the morning. Getting up and getting active makes me more alert in the day and it helps me focus more on my work. My favorite thing about my activity tracker itself is that it tracked my sleep. It's nice to stay on top of your sleep because if you aren't getting enough, it can take a major toll on your body," she said. #bcbskslife #bcbsks
Our stockings were hung by our cubicles with care! 🧦🎅🎄 It’s always fun seeing how festive and creative our employees get this time of year. We hope you have a very merry Christmas! #bcbskslife #bcbsks #merrychristmas
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